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Recruit Training Command Receives Retention Excellence Award  (18 March 2019)
Recruit Training Command was selected as a recipient of the Retention Excellence Award for Fiscal Year 2018.
Navy Medicine West's Champions for Patient Safety and Quality Care  (15 March 2019)
As Navy Medicine began the journey towards high reliability in 2014, senior leaders identified a need for champions to drive the organization toward a culture of health care quality and patient safety excellence. As a result, the role of Chief Medical Officer/Chief Dental Officer was embraced.
Recruit Training Command's Captain's Cup Promotes Teamwork, Camaraderie for Recruits  (12 March 2019)
Amid cheers, shouts and laughter, some recruits are shooting basketballs, spiking volleyballs, and competing to see who can do the most push-ups while others are sprinting in relay races.
TSCHR Sailor Advanced to First Class Petty Officer  (7 March 2019)
TSCHR Sailor Advanced to First Class Petty Officer MAP
USS Constitution Sailors Participate in Annual Crew Training  (7 March 2019)
USS Constitution crewmembers are taking part in a 12-week training centered on 'Old Ironsides' history led by USS Constitution Museum and Naval History and Heritage Command from Jan. 15 - April 9.
A Dream Beyond a Dream: From the Philippines to the U.S. Navy  (6 March 2019)
Machinist Mate 2nd Class Michie Saint, a Sailor stationed aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73). She joined the United States Navy and in the process became a United States citizen.
Under the Sea: George Washington command birthday ball  (6 March 2019)
This year's George Washington command birthday ball offered participants the opportunity to eat, dance, sing, win prizes, and compete in a number of fashion categories.
A Proud History: CVN 73's Heritage Show  (6 March 2019)
The heritage committee of the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73) commemorated Black History Month by hosting a CVN 73 Heritage Show on the floating accommodation facility (FAF), Feb. 27.
Training and qualifications: OI Division plans ahead   (6 March 2019)
OI division sent Sailors TAD to Surface Combat System Center Wallops Island, Virginia.
Moored. Shift Colors - A Year in Review Aboard USS Mount Whitney  (6 March 2019)
Moored. Shift Colors - A Year in Review aboard USS Mount Whitney
PASS program offers recruits opportunity for change and growth  (1 March 2019)
No two recruits arriving at Recruit Training Command (RTC) have the same background, experience or life skills.
Navy Civilian Recounts Civil Rights March  (28 February 2019)
A Navy civilian reounts his experience walking beside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a child during a civil rights march and the inspiration his father had on him.
New Pentagon MWR Program Offers Sailors Leisure Travel Savings  (27 February 2019)
When Gas Turbine Systems Technician (Mechanical) 3rd Class Kayla Pomroy was considering taking leave to travel from Japan to be with family in Pennsylvania this past Christmas, she checked out a new website called American
Finding Faith: A Chaplain's Near Fall from Grace and His Journey Back   (27 February 2019)
For 13 years, Lt. Cmdr. Joseph Roach, the chaplain of USS John P. Murtha (LPD 26), has guided and mentored Sailors both spiritually and in everyday life. With a calm demeanor and a warm embrace, Roach is everything you would expect from a chaplain.
A Sailor's Passion for Guitar  (27 February 2019)
For more than 18 years music has been an important part of Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class Patrick Obrien's life. He first learned the piano when he was just four years old and years later he discovered his passion for playing guitar. He plays several instruments, sings and writes his own songs.

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