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  • New Web Tuition Assistance Automation Significantly Speeds Approval Process

    As part of the Navy's transformation to a virtual service delivery model, the Navy College Program launched an update to the My Education portal June 27, significantly improving the Web Tuition Assistance approval process for Sailors taking off-duty education courses. Visit for details.
  • The Board of Inspection and Survey's (INSURV) Insights 17th Edition Now Available

    INSURV's electronic newsletter, INSURV Insights, has released Issue 17 which spotlights "Standardization Working Group for Service Craft, Combat Craft & Boats", "Supply & Habitability Talk Shop", "From the Desk of PRESINSURV" and "You Got to See It to Call It". All past issues are available at
  • New High Year Tenure Policy for E-4 through E-6 Announced

    The Navy is increasing its High Year Tenure policy for active component and Full Time Support E-4 through E-6 Sailors by two years in an effort to improve sea duty manning. More information on order processing, assignments and reenlistment/exertion process can be found in NAVADMIN 143/17 at
  • Navy Incentivizes the PRT for Sailors

    The Navy made changes to the Physical Readiness Program that includes a new incentive to excel at physical fitness year-round. Additional information can be found at and in NAVADMIN 141/17.
  • Statement from Acting Secretary of the Navy Sean Stackley

    We are all deeply saddened by the tragic loss of our fellow shipmates as a result of Friday's collision between USS Fitzgerald and a commercial container ship and our thoughts and prayers are with their families...I also want to express my most heartfelt appreciation to our Japanese allies for their swift support and assistance at this time of our need.
  • Results of Comprehensive Review of Physiological Episodes Released

    The Navy released the results of a comprehensive review conducted to determine the causes of and recommendations to eliminate physiological episodes (PEs) within Naval Aviation June 15. The report can be found on the Navy's website at or by visiting
  • Navy HHG Encourages Sailors to Complete Customer Satisfaction Survey

    NAVSUP GLS HHG encouraged Sailors to provide feedback concerning their military move by completing the customer satisfaction survey (CSS), June 16. Service members can find a guide to assist with completing the CSS on the HHG webpage at
  • Navy Announces Navy Civilian Policy Updates

    Navy civilian will no longer be required to log onto Navy eLearning or TWIMS to complete mandatory annual training. Instead, commands should conduct required training during small-group face-to-face sessions that engage employees and foster meaningful discussion. The only exception to this new policy is the Cyber Awareness Challenge will continue to be an online training requirement.
  • DoD Launches Online Program to Help Military Survivors of Sexual Abuse, Assault

    The program is designed to help individuals begin to recover, heal and build resiliency after a sexual assault called, "Building Hope and Resiliency: Addressing the Effects of Sexual Assault." Learn about and anonymously access the online program on a computer and mobile device by visiting the Building Hope page on the Safe Helpline website:
  • FTS Aviation Command Retention Bonus Continued

    The Aviation Command Retention Bonus for full time support officers has been continued. ACRB is designed to retain FTS officers with the talent and command experience in primary warfighting missions critical to the future of the Navy. Specific details, eligibility and application procedures can be found at
  • Retirement Comparison Calculator

    The BRS Comparison Calculator is designed to assist eligible service members in comparing the legacy military retirement system and BRS and used in conjunction with the mandatory BRS Opt-In Course. It can be found at:
  • Honor, Courage, and all the time

    Anything that is unacceptable to say or do in person is also unacceptable online. Any type of misconduct that undermines dignity and respect are not consistent with Navy core values and negatively impact command climate and readiness. Sailors or civilian employees who participate in or condone misconduct, whether offline or online, may be subject to criminal, disciplinary and/or administrative action.

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  • 1776 - Army Col. William Moultries' troops defend Sullivans Island and Charleston, S.C. from an attack by British Commodore Sir Peter Parker and his fleet during the American Revolution. After a nine-hour battle with casualties mounting, Parker retreats. With Charleston saved, the fort is named in honor of Col. William Moultrie.

    1814 - The sloop of war USS Wasp commanded by Johnston Blakeley, comes across HMS Reindeer, commanded by William Manners, off Plymouth, England, and engages in battle. After the 19-minute battle, USS Wasp captures HMS Reindeer, taking her crew as prisoners, and burn her at sea.

    1869 - The Navys first surgeon-general William M. Wood is appointed, and serves until Oct. 25, 1871.

    1914 - Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is assassinated at Sarajevo, Bosnia. This act eventually leads to World War I.

    1918 - A detachment of Marines from USS Brooklyn lands at Vladivostok, Russia to protect the U.S. Consulate and to assist forces of other Allied nations in bringing order to the city during the early stages of the Russian Revolution.

    1919 - The Versailles Peace Treaty is signed, which ends World War I.

    1943 - USS Peto (SS 265) and USS Tunny (SS 282) sink Japanese hydrographic-meterological research ship Tenkai No.2 northeast of Mussau Island and a gunboat Shotoku Maru off the west coast of Rota, Mariana Islands.