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Awards and Medals, replacement
Ball caps, other memorabilia
Band, Navy, recordings
Baptismal Certificates
Bases, Navy
Bells - marking time
Birth Certificates
bullet For U.S. citizens born overseas
bullet For those born in the U.S. - where to write
"Bravo Zulu"
Burial at Sea
Burial and Memorial Benefits for Veterans
Cold War Certificate of Recognition
Cold War Medals
College Credit for Navy Service
Cruise books
DD-214 - Report of Separation
Deck Logs
Discharges - Requests for Upgrades
bullet "Any Sailor" email
bullet Directory of email addresses
bullet Email to a ship
bullet Finding an email address
bullet Unsolicited postal mail to "Any Sailor"
Embarking (visiting) aboard a Navy ship at sea
Emergency notification to or communications with U.S. Navy personnel
Enlisting in the U.S. Navy
bullet Non-U.S. citizens
bullet U.S. citizens
Family members - where they served
Finding someone (active duty or retired)
Freedom of Information Act Requests
Funeral honors, requesting
bullet Copies of personnel records, getting
bullet Family members - where they served
bullet Finding someone (active duty or retired)
bullet Histories of Ships
bullet National Gravesite Locator
bullet Rosters, ships'
Graphics, Navy
Hostile Waters
Hymn, Navy
Instructions Online
Jet breaking the sound barrier, photo of
Lighthouse Joke
Mail to "Any Sailor"
Medals - replacing lost or determining eligibility for
MilSpec and other standards
Muster rolls
Naval Academy - U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md.
Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) Units
Navy Band recordings
Navy Memorial
Navy News Desk (CHINFO)
NCIS Special Agent - qualifications
Non-Judicial Punishment (NJP)
Personnel Log online
Personnel records
bullet Copies of, getting
bullet Microfiche - Officer Summary Record (OSR) or Enlisted Summary Record (ESR)
bullet What's in a personnel record
Philadelphia Experiment
bullet The photo of the Navy jet breaking the sound barrier
bullet Piece of Decommissioned Ship
bullet Plankowner's certificate
Plans of Ships
Precedence of the Navy and the Marine Corps (Who is senior?)
Privacy Act Requests
Seabee Online
Sea Cadets
Sea Scouts, Boy Scouts of America
Seal, Navy
SEALs, Navy
Servicemembers Civil Relief Act of 2003
Shellback certificate
Ships - What happened to my ship
bullet Decommissioned Ships
bullet Histories of Ships
bullet Ships Deployed
Ships, Embarking (visiting) aboard a Navy ship at sea
Ships' rosters or muster lists
Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act, see Servicemembers Civil Relief Act above.
Space Available transportation (Air only; No Space A on ships)
SPAM - how to find out where it may really be coming from.
Standard Navy Distribution List (SNDL)
Support to our Sailors via mail/email, expressing
Surplus Equipment
bullet Bells - marking time
bullet "Zulu" time
Unsolicited postal mail to "Any Sailor"
Veterans' Benefits
Visiting a Navy Base
Waste, fraud and abuse reporting
Web sites, Navy
"Zulu" time