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Holocaust Survivor, US Army Veteran, Shares Story   (25 April 2017)
For modern generations the events of the Holocaust are something learned about in school text books or a re-enactment in Hollywood movies; however, for some like Martin "Marty" Weiss, it was a horrific reality that has never been forgotten.
NRD Raleigh Goes Above and Beyond for SAAPM   (25 April 2017)
In observation of Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (SAAPM), Sailors at Navy Recruiting District (NRD) Raleigh went above and beyond in their efforts to spread awareness of sexual assault.
Marine Has New Experience on the High Seas  (25 April 2017)
It's early in the morning and the sun fills the hangar bay, already Sailors and Marines are tinkering away on numerous pieces of equipment and aircraft. One of them is Cpl. Andre Pedro, a Ground Support Equipment (GSE) mechanic, assigned to the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU).
The Mother of Depot Level Repairables  (25 April 2017)
When it comes to ships in the Navy's Fleet, it is important to understand operating targets. An operating target is the amount of money a ship has for parts and services.
When the Chips Fall, Be Ready to Take Charge - Navy's 'Hidden Figure' Advises DoD Audience   (21 April 2017)
It was the first time Raye Montague traveled by train since 1956 when she left segregated Little Rock, Arkansas, to look for a job in Washington D.C.
Sailors Maximize Training Potential Onboard CFAS  (21 April 2017)
The Surface Warfare Officers School's mission is to ready sea-bound warriors to serve on surface combatants as officers, enlisted engineers, and enlisted navigation professionals in order to fulfill the Navy's mission to maintain global maritime superiority.
Navy Medicine West Visits USNH Yokosuka, BHC Iwakuni   (21 April 2017)
Commander, Navy Medicine West, Rear Adm. Paul D. Pearigen, arrived aboard U.S. Naval Hospital (USNH) Yokosuka, Apr. 11-12 to tour the facility and meet and greet with faculty and staff members as a part of his recent trip to the Pacific.
USS Carney Completes Exercise Joint Warrior 17-1  (17 April 2017)
"General quarters! General quarters! All hands man your battle stations, set condition zebra throughout the ship."
Captain to Cartoonist  (17 April 2017)
Jeff Bacon scribbles away, his pencil a blur on the notepad as it sits on his table. A general-issued Navy notepad, with an even more modest pencil in his hand. The tools provided to the author of the Navy Times' comic "Broadside" don't seem to slow him down.
From 500-feet Below the Surface to 10,000-feet Above - Pax River SAR Pilot Recounts Submarine Service  (17 April 2017)
Lt. Adam Patterson's Navy career hasn't followed what most people might call the "usual" path. Having experienced his own evolution of sorts, he emerged from the sea and eventually took to the air by first starting as a submariner and later transitioning to an aviator.
See You on the Beach  (17 April 2017)
The crew of the forward-deployed amphibious assault ship USS Bataan (LHD 5) houses a diverse group of people, consisting of ship's company, Sailors and Marines embarked only for the duration of the deployment.
Eyes on the Sky  (17 April 2017)
As a child meticulously gluing wings onto the bodies of model airplanes, U.S. Marine Corps Capt. Benjamin Hovies had no idea that one day he would sit behind the controls of a full-sized CH-53 Super Stallion helicopter.
Keeping Aircraft in the Sky One Part at a Time   (17 April 2017)
If you ask most Sailors in the Fleet which platform is the most challenging, almost unanimously the response will be amphibious assault ships. Amphibious platforms are unique in that they are built to support land, sea and air operations.
Hard Work Fuels Sailors Career  (17 April 2017)
"Hey! Where's Kerry at?" exclaimed a Sailor. "I thought he was on the flight deck," another Sailor replied. "No, no, he was doing some paperwork with chief," yelled another Sailor from across the room.
Keys and Notes  (13 April 2017)
Natives of Tennessee are no strangers to the sounds of music and Knoxville raised, Derrick Weaver, is no different.

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