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Pearl Harbor Survivor Still Volunteers at Naval Hospital Pensacola  (23 May 2017)
Twice a week, Francis "Frank" Emond drives over 30 minutes to volunteer at Naval Hospital Pensacola.
From Kenya with Love  (21 May 2017)
The smell of hospital and alcohol swabs almost surpasses the daily commotion of sick call, which all falls to the wayside when you are greeted by an energetic and enthusiastic attendant. Hospitalman Naomi Pauline Mungai is that beaming face eager to help you.
Suicide is More than an Act   (19 May 2017)
Following deployment, many Sailors may feel burnt out or they are just having a hard time adjusting to the daily post-deployment life. This pressure can sometimes lead Sailors down a dark path full of mental anguish, potentially stirring up thoughts of suicide.
Paving the Future with History  (19 May 2017)
It is our history that shapes us and lays down the foundation of our future. Lt. j. g. Britt Zerbe understands this better than anyone as an Intelligence Officer aboard amphibious assault ship, USS Bataan (LHD 5), and a Doctorate of History.
This is a Drill: Ike's In-Port Emergency Team Keeps Sailors Safe   (18 May 2017)
"This is a drill, this is a drill. Fire, fire, fire, class alpha fire in compartment 02-69-01. Away the in-port emergency team, provide from Repair Locker 1F."
SSC Atlantic's STEM Outreach Grows Future Readiness  (18 May 2017)
Over the last 14 years, SSC Atlantic's STEM outreach and internship programs have hired over 1,200 employees and have retained 1,100. The value and importance of these initiatives prove to be a priority to the incoming workforce generation.
Ike Builds Strength Through G.L.A.S.S.  (17 May 2017)
A few months after Information Systems Technician 2nd Class Brittany Hansen stepped aboard USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) (IKE) to begin her job in Combat Systems in 2014, her shipmates told her about an organization they thought she might be interested in.
The Navy "Nimitz" Experience   (16 May 2017)
If you ever wished that you could see what it's like to live the adventurous life of a United States sailor, look no further than the Navy "Nimitz" Experience tour.
Security Slated To Hold Security Reaction Forces Bravo Course  (16 May 2017)
Protect the ship! That is what the Sailors selected to support USS George Washington's (CVN 73) security department are required to do 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Shipmates Helping Local Residents  (16 May 2017)
"Shipmates helping shipmates" has been a running theme in the Navy for several years.
Blue Angels Give Students a Lesson on Greatness  (16 May 2017)
The Blue Angels airshow is something you have to see to believe.
CVN 72 Helmsman Goes Full Speed Ahead  (12 May 2017)
Nimitz-Class aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) is running full speed ahead as it conducts full-power runs and turn tests, May 10, during its sea trials.
Deck Team Clears the Way for RCOH   (12 May 2017)
Metallic clashes ring throughout the dust-filled air as Sailors swing their sledge hammers meticulously and methodically against the deck plates of the aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73).
USS Cole's Culinary Specialists Go for Gold  (12 May 2017)
Chicken, creole paste, dijon mustard, corn meal and two sherbet ice pops, these were the ingredients that four teams of Culinary Specialists (CS) aboard the guided-missile destroyer USS Cole were given.
Overhauling Your Mind  (12 May 2017)
Change has become routine for Sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73). With physical and geographical changes, the mind must also be able to adapt to new styles of living.

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